Khentrul Kunzang Gyaltsen

Kunzang Gyaltsen was born near Padma, Golok, in the twelfth month of  year of the earth bird in the sixteenth calendrical cycle (1969) to his father, Hashul Eytrug and mother Raza Tsuglha. On the day he was born, the sky thundered, and a rainbow appeared above the tent where his family stayed. There were many amazing signs such as these that were witnessed by numerous people living in the area.

When he was still only one month old, his parents brought him before the sublime incarnation Orgyen Tsering who said, “In the future, because this child will most definitely be of benefit to the Heart Teachings of Samantabadhra, I will name him Kunzang Gyaltsen, Victory Banner of Samantabadhra”. Such was his monumental prediction for the future.

At the age of eighteen, due to the encouragement of Orgyen Tsering, Kunzang Gyaltsen left for Larung Buddhist Academy, the Dharma college of  Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok. At Larung Gar , he attended to and served the Sublime Lord Of Dharma, the Wishfulfilling Jewel, Jigmed Phuntsok Jungney, with the three types of service that fulfill the wishes of the master. Like a vessel being filled to the brim he received and held the teachings of of Sutra, Tantra, and particularly the profound pith instructions and guidance of the Great Perfection.

In 1999, together with Tulku Thubten Norbu, Kunzang Gyaltsen founded Sengdruk Taktse School. He has actively directed the activities of Sengdruk Taktse School since its inception. He has lived and worked at Sengdruk Taktse School since 1999 where he cares for the students there as if they were his children.