Joru was the name of the great Tibetan bodhisattva warrior-king Gesar when he was a child. As a child, Joru faced many hardships including being exiled by his wicked uncle from his homeland with his single mother after his father died. After living in poverty he won the famous horse race with his magical horse and ascended to the throne to become King.

Joru embodies the courage, tenacity, wisdom, and strength that is within all of us. Joru’s ability to overcome the obstacles he faced in life and become a great being is an example we can all aspire towards.


The mission of the Joru Foundation is to support education initiatives inside of Tibet. In particular to support Tibetans who have either been born into poverty, come from rural areas, or met with difficult circumstances in their lives such as losing one or both parents. Currently, our primary project is to support a boarding school for boys and girls located in the Golok region of Eastern Tibet, called Sengdruk Taktse School. It is home to nearly 400 boys and girls.


The vision of the Joru Foundation is to nurture and help revive the core elements of the traditional and distinctly unique Tibetan culture, arts, and sciences. This unique culture is a vast treasure that can be an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration not just for the Tibetan people, but for all cultures in the world.